Are you trying to sell your house with little to no results? Discover a win-win alternative known as Lease Option.

Selling your property on a Lease Option has many benefits and can be a very profitable transaction. More profitable than a traditional sale.

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A lease option is a lease in which the buyer has the right to purchase the property during a specified amount of time, usually a 2-3 year term.

The owner will usually get to enjoy benefits such as:

  • An excellent sales price with no real estate commission to pay at closing
  • Maintenance and repairs handled by the buyer
  • A fast written offer – we can give you an offer within 48 hours
  • Rents guaranteed on the first of the month
  • Possible tax benefits (talk to your accountant of course)
  • Have somebody in your property with an owner mentality and not a renter
  • Reduce or eliminate your negative cash flow
  • Experience positive financial and emotional benefits of getting your property handled

If you are flexible on the terms of the sale, then we can get very close to or even meet your full asking price. Or, if you want all cash, then we’ll have to settle on a cash price where we could conservatively expect to resell the property at a profit.

To contact us you can reach us at our Lease Purchase line at (407) 848-1594 or you can just go ahead and fill out the property information form to the right. You will get a fast response either way.

– CREI Management Group, LLC